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Team Franco, winners of the autodrop slingshot bike race, hauling mulch at Bethabara Greenway

Planting for the birds at Bethabara Greenway

New serviceberry trees at Bethabara Greenway thanks to Forsyth Audubon

Great turnout for Community Roots Day tree planting at Newell-Massey

Forsyth Audubon plants a bird-friendly landscape at Bethabara Greenway

Thank you Forsyth Audubon for the great job at Bethabara Greenway

Planting trees on Newell-Massey Greenway: Community Roots Day 2012

Uphill on the WFU Campus and Community Bide Ride

Bikers descend on Caffe Prada at WFU Campus and Community Bike Ride on Nov. 4, 2012

Louise talks up WS Greenways at the WFU Campus and Community Ride

Cycling Sunday, September 2012

The human/canine water fountain at Salem Lake!