Silas Creek Greenway

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silas Creek greenway

This greenway is convenient to several suburban neighborhoods. Strolling along the actual Silas Creek, one can feel remarkably remote despite being close to busy Silas Creek Parkway.

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  • Length: .81 mile, including a side trail on the west side of the creek.
  • End points: Yorkshire Road to Robinhood Road. At the Robinhood Road end, a long set of wooden steps leads to the street above.
  • Surface: Asphalt.
  • Terrain: Flat, after hill at parking lot.
  • Parking: A paved lot at Shaffner Park, off Yorkshire Road. Also on-street parking at Burkeshore Road.
  • Amenities: Portable toilet in parking lot, water fountains, benches, posted map, distance markings, bulletin board.
  • Nearby amenities: Shaffner Park has tennis courts, soccer fields and playground. Sherwood Parcourse, across Silas Creek Parkway, also has portable toilets, benches.
  • Connects to: Sherwood Forest neighborhood, Sherwood Elementary School. An underground walkway gets pedestrians across Silas Creek Parkway.

The short but steep hill and street-crossing from the parking lot on Yorkshire Road can be avoided. Drive to the end of Burkeshore Road (off Shoreland Road between Yorkshire and Robinhood) and park on the street.

Silas Creek Greenway Silas Creek Greenway Silas Creek Greenway Silas Creek Greenway Silas Creek Greenway Silas Creek Greenway
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